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Why Build with Us?

From concept to completion, the R&T Hartley team has the expertise, experience and enthusiasm to undertake any project and to deliver the very best outcome for you.

We are specialists in new architect designed houses and quality renovations and extensions.

Client relationships, quality craftsmanship, considered design and sustainable building practices are the foundation of our business.  Whether your project is large or small, we will listen to your requirements, advise & assist you throughout your decision making process and deliver your home on time and within budget.

R&T Hartley Construction collaborates with top industry professionals, specialist architects and expert engineers  to achieve spectacular results.  We have long standing relationships with our trades and suppliers and only use the highest quality materials.

Our team is passionate about pushing the limits to create outstanding results. We love to learn about and source new products & materials and are always enthusiastic to research cutting edge concepts or alternate ideas to make your home unique. We will work with you to mould your home to your specific needs and preferences.  

Our tradesmen are also dedicated to replicating existing home features and craftsmanship when renovating period homes to achieve seamless repairs, renovations and additions.
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